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New job alerts from 10+ most popular sites.

Land more interviews by being the first to know when new jobs are posted. Stop wasting time manually browsing LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice or other job boards.

Apply to more jobs in less time

Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, First 2 Apply cuts your job search time in half and increases application rate by 400%. No more manual searching for new posts - we deliver them directly to you.

Helped me find a job within a few days of installing!

After being able to only send out about 5-10 applications a day, which usually took me about 3 hours of parsing through a bunch of suggestions that simply weren't relevant to me, this app immensely increased my productivity! I was able to send out about 30-40 applications most days, in the course of about 2 hours. It also found jobs that I would've otherwise not seen! But most importantly, it allowed me to be one of the first applicants (I believe I was within the first 5) to a particular job, which I am sure was instrumental in me then landing that position!

Source: MS Store Reviews

More jobs, less hassle

Venture beyond LinkedIn to seize every opportunity. But manual searching across multiple platforms can be overwhelming... Let First 2 Apply automate the process, fetching roles from LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, and Just sit back, relax and let us curate the perfect job list for you.

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Get ahead with real-time job notifications

Set alerts your way - from as often as every 30 minutes to as spaced out as weekly. With First 2 Apply you can ensure your application is top of the pile, where recruiters look first.


Manage applications like a pro

Ditch the spreadsheets. First 2 Apply brings seamless organization to your job search, with intuitive labeling and tracking at each application stage, right within the app.

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Advanced matching cuts through the noise

Fed up with irrelevant listings? Set your preferences to exclude specific tech stacks or companies. First 2 Apply's refined filtering means you only see the jobs that truly match your criteria.

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Pricing Plans

7 day trial included (no credit card required)

Billing Period


Cheap as a beer

$5 /month

  • Unlimited job site monitoring.
  • Instant new job alerts.
  • Application organization.


All you need to get hired

$20 /month

  • Everything the basic plan offers.
  • Blacklist companies.
  • Advanced filtering using AI.

You get a 7 DAYS FREE trial. No credit card required.

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